Pedigree Care and Treats Adult Meat Jerky Barbeque Chicken

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Feeding Guidelines

  • Large dog (25 to 50kg) – 4 pieces /day
  • Medium dog (10 to 25 kg) – 2 pieces /day
  • Small dog (5 to 10 kg) – 2 pieces /day
  • Ensure your dog gets enough nutrients from main meal



 Vitamins & Minerals


Poultry and Poultry by Products, Wheat Gluten, Glycerine, Tapioca Starch, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Minerals, Poultry Liver Digest-spray Dried, Propylene Glycol, Iodised Salt, Flavor, Soy Oil, Citric Acid, Preservative, Food Colouring.

Storage Information

• When you buy Pedigree dog food, make sure it is properly sealed
• On opening the pack, store Pedigree dog food in an air-tight container, in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight



Share moments of happiness and joy with your dog with Pedigree Meat Jerky Barbecue Chicken.


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